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Answer This is 1mb broadband through ADSL

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What does the T1 in T1 internet stand for?

T1 stand for how fast your Internet connection is going to be. T1 is the fastest of all, this would be a very high speed internet connection ( usually using fiber optics). The term T1 refers to the encoding.

What does a T1 modem do?

Allows your computer to communicate with the internet across a T1 connection.

Which is faster broadband or T1?

Broadband is a loose term. T1 is a Broadband Connection.

What is the speed of a T1 connection?

T1 lines transmit data at the rate of 1.544 Mbps

Where can you find pricing on a T1?

T1 is an internet connection type, similar to DSL. T1 service providers vary by geographical area as far as availability, as T1 connections are not available in all areas. Pricing for T1 internet service can be obtained by visiting websites such as T1 Shopper to locate services available in their location.

What are the benefits of using T1 internet?

There are many benefits as well as disadvantages of using a T1 internet. To answer your question, such an internet connection can increase efficiency because it may be faster than your current internet connection.

How fast is a T1 line?

T1 is symmetrical connection, allowing for downloads and uploads of up to 1.5 Mbps - 30 times as fast as 56k dial-up. A single T1 connection can support dozens to hundreds of users, but speed and efficiency drops as more people use it simultaneously.

What is a T1line?

A T1 connection is a dedicated connection that offers the same speed whether downloading or uploading (downstream and upstream). The connection speed is 1.544 Mbps (Megabits per second) and is not affected by the same limitations like number of users in your area since the connection runs directly between you and the telephone company's central office. A T1 connection is very expensive to maintain, and requires special equipment at your location. The equipment needed to deliver a T1 connection is also very expensive, and the leasing costs associated with renting from the telephone company can be high as well. If you are considering getting a T1 connection to take advantage of its speed, and not to provide a service like web hosting, consider an ADSL or SDSL connection.

How does a T1 connection work?

A T1 connection works by using a fiber optic or copper line to carry data faster than a standard phone line. It carries data at a rate approximately 60 times faster.

How many T1s are in a T3 line?

There are 28 T1 carrier lines in a T3 connection.

Business T1 Data?

form_title=Business T1 Data form_header=If you need reliability and speed, install a T1 data line. What connection speed are you looking for?=_ How many computers will be on the T1 line?= {(),Less than 20,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,More than 100} What internet solution is your business currently using?=_

What is law in connection to pressure and temperature?

Gay-Lussac's law. P1/T1 = P2/T2

Does it ever make sense for an individual to get their high speed internet through a T1?

Not really. T1 is a super extreme major connection which is the equivalent of trying to kill a fly with a bazooka. Most modern high speed connections for individuals can compete with T1.

Does ImageShack take a long time to load?

depends on your Internet connection mainly...56k modem - AGES T1 connection - wery wery quick

What kind of connection is smart broadband internet is it cable modem dsl isdn t1 t3?

cable modem

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What is the difference between a T1 Line and a cable internet connection?

One of the biggest differences between T1 and cable is price. T1 is a lot more reliable and used mostly by business due to it's price. Cable is a bit more unreliable due to the bandwidth being shared by multiple users living in the area.

Are there home t1 internet providers?

T1 will not give you the fastest internet speed. T1 is designed for quality of connection, not speed. It is often used for radio announcers who work from a remote location that need a consistent bit rate across a long-term conversation. For faster service, you'll want to look at DSL products.

What are the five common technologies available for establishing Internet connectivity?

adslsdsl Dial up connectionisdnT1-lines

Which is the largest oil tanker in the world?

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Residential Internet T1?

form_title=Residential Internet T1 form_header=Do all you want to on the interent with your T1 line! Where will the T1 line be installed?=_ What is your expected data usage?=_ When would you like the T1 line installed?=_

Residential Integrated T1?

form_title=Residential Integrated T1 form_header=Have it bundled. Get integrated T1 for your home. Where do you need the T1 line installed?=_ What is the primary reason for installing intergrated T1?=_ When would you like your service installed?=_

What is the frequency of a T1?

T1 Frequency is 1.544 MHz

What are the main types of high bandwidth connection options used by medium-to large-sized businesses?

Metro Ethernet, T1 and T3.

Can you use a Dial up Connection with an Xbox 360 only to browse on Xbox 360 market place you know what I mean?

No. Xbox Live is only accessible via a broadband connection (Cable, DSL, T1, etc.).