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a tallit is a prayer shawl for the Jewish people and it represents that you are an adult Jew and you have been bar or bat mitzvahed

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2013-02-23 15:53:42
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Q: What is a tallit and what does it represent?
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What does the tallit represent?

The tallit (Prayer Shawl) Represents religion for the Jews. The tallit is worn over the head of someone while they pray

What do the colors for the israel flag represent?

The Jewish prayer shawl, the tallit.

What do the beads represent on a Jewish prayer shawl?

There are no beads on a Tallit or Jewish prayer shawl. There are knots and strings called Tzitzit on each corner that represent the 613 commandments found in the Torah.

Why is the tallit worn?

The tallit symbolizes being enveloped by prayer.

How do you say Tallit in Hebrew?

Tallit is a Hebrew word. It is spelled (טלית).

What is a Jewish tallit?

A Jewish tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. The tallit is worn over the outer clothes. A tallit is worn during the morning prayers. on weekdays, and holidays. You can go on Wikipedia to learn more.

What prayer is on the neckband of the tallit?

It's the prayer before wrapping yourself in the tallit.

When the tallit is worn?

The large tallit is worn during morning prayer services.

What is a tallit clip?

It is a small double clip, connected with a chain, that helps hold the tallit on.

What does tallit mean?

Tallit (טלית) means "covering" or "cloak". It is the Jewish prayer shawl.

What is the Hebrew word forTallit?

Tallit is the Hebrew word for tallit. The English term is "prayer shawl."

In Judaism can you get your tallit before you have your bar mitzvah?

In Jewish tradition, a boy does not wear a tallit intil he becomes a bar mitzvah (turns 13) as wearing a tallit is an adult obligation.

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