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A target market or target audience is something/someone your aiming to appeal to, such as the target market for a stuffed animal is kids or toddlers

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Q: What is a target audience or target market?
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What is Levi's target market?

Me! Probably the 17-25 audience with their 511s and an older audience with their "Original Fit" jeans.

Why is market segmentation importent?

Market Segmentation is important because without it the business will not find the correct target audience

Who is Oakley Sunglasses target market?

Oakleys Target Audience will have to be considerd a mass market as they are trying to appeal to everyone from sports,old and young people, to casual use.

What is another way to say targeted users?

Audience. Target Market. Demo(graphic). Segment.

What is target audience of the brochure?

at is the target audience of the brochure

Who is the target audience in The Taming of the Shrew?

It's not exactly a highbrow play, and clearly was not aimed at the feminist market. So, lowbrow males were the target.

The target audience of an ad is?

The people advisers hope to reach (apex 2.3.4 quiz)

What is market driven journalism?

The definition of market-driven journalism is that it is both reporting news and running commercials that are geared toward a target audience. The audience is defined by characteristics of demographics that can include age or sex.

How do you say target audience in Spanish?

Target audience is: público meta.

What is the target audience of rush hour 1?

The target audience for rush hour 1 is teenagers/audience

What is the target audience for home funishings?

The target audience for home furnishings you would think would be just homeowners however renters may even make up for a larger portion of this market. The real question is what type of furnishings and at what cost? This will be important in identifying your market better and segmenting it.

What does a target audience mean in ICT?

The target audience are the people you are trying to reach.

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