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A blood test is the only way to measure blood alcohol concentration accurately. Alcohol breath testers (Breathylizer, etc.) actually only estimate the blood alcohol concentration.

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Q: What is a test for alcohol levels called?
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Use Ph to test for alcohol levels?


Does a etg test just test for alcohol?

It tests for Ethylglucuronide (ETG)--Alcohol, Creantanine levels, Specific Gravity, Nitirite, and ph.

What color tube is used to test alcohol levels?

royal blue

What is it called when you agree to take a alcohol test?

it is called drug addict test

Does testosterone show up on a urine test?

I believe The topical solutions will show as alcohol with a ETG test because they contain high levels of alcohol.

Can having a blood transfusion prior to a test for blood alcohol levels dilute the results?

yes it can.

5 day alcohol test?

what is a 5 day test and whats it called

How long can alcohol be detected?

Alcohol levels can be detected in the blood by ordering a blood alcohol level or one may use an intoximeter, in which the person blows air from the mouth into a portable meter that registers alcohol levels. Police often use this fast and easy and relatively accurate test

What is the transferrin test?

The transferrin test is a direct measurement of transferrin--which is also called siderophilin--levels in the blood.

What is alcohol test?

Alcohol test ( proof ) is the percent of alcohol in drinks.

Does drinking alcohol make you more likely to fail a drug test if you smoke marijuana?

Alcohol will not change what is in your body besides it. A urine test may have slightly lower levels of THC metabolites than usual (since alcohol is a diuretic and you will lose water quicker, diluting it somewhat) but if you smoked marijuana, you will still fail any drug test regardless.

How does alcohol effect dopamine levels during drinking and after?

The dopamine levels usually increase when taking alcohol and decreases after you stop taking alcohol.