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Q: What is a test in the detection of testicular cancer?
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What a common test in the detection of testicular cancer?

Palpation with the fingers. Also, an Ultrasound is used.

Why should testicular cancer be treated immediately?

Like some forms of skin cancer, testicular cancer tends to spread rapidly and early detection is crucial.

If your spouse has Testicular cancer can that cause you to have an abnormal pap result?

No. That would have no effect on the pap test.

What test is done to detect testicular cancer?

If cancer is suspected, the doctor will order an Ultrasound.

Self-Examination Is Key In Early Detection Of Testicular Cancer?

Contact your physician if you notice any lumps or changes to your testicles or scrotum. Regular self-exams and early detection is essential for the successful treatment of testicular cancer. Some symptoms of testicular cancer include: .a lump in or on the testicleenlarging or shrinking of the testiclea heavy feeling in the scrotumpain, discomfort, or a dull ache in the testicle, groin, scrotum, or lower abdomen

Can microwaves give testicular cancer?

no it cannot give testicular cancer

What connection does testicular cancer have to heredity?

Family history of testicular cancer.

What is cancer of testes?

Testicular cancer

Can women be affected by testicular cancer?

No, women cannot be affected by testicular cancer. Cancer is also not contagious.

What is a sign of testicular cancer?

A lump in the scrotum, possibly accompanied by pain or a heavy feeling, can be a sign of testicular cancer. Not all lumps in the testicular area are cancer.

Can you get testicle cancer?

Yes, you can get testicular cancer.

What is the drug treatment for testicular cancer?

The drug treatment for testicular cancer is either surgical radiation or chemotherapy.

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