What is a thermometer made out of?


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a liquid thermometer is made with a glass "shell" and ussually have murcur inside them that dilates when it gets hotter and rises and contracts when its colder and lowers- this has been made by a 12 year old boy

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how are thermometer made?

Galileo made the thermometer in 1593.

Galileo made the thermometer by improving his thermoscope

The answer depends on which thermometer the question is about.

Galileo Galilei made a water thermometer in 1593.

The numbers are where they are because the person who made the thermometer scale decided which numbers go where.

Galileo was the first one to invent the thermometer but another guy made a better thermometer than Galileo butt basically it is Galileo who invented the thermometer

he made the thermometer

The bulb thermometer is made of thin glass so as to detect the slightest change in temperature. It is made of thin glass for visibility as well.

Thermometer holder is a tool to hold the thermometer for taking the different reading of the body,liquid, or mass. So this holder helps to hold the thermometer,this holder is made up of such material(cork) so it does not effect the temperature of thermometer.

The first one was made in 1714.

it is a thing designed Arctic are

he made the ear thermometer

A thermometer made for kitchen and cooking applications.

The red liquid in a thermometer is Mercury, which is usually encased in a glass tube

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The first thermometer that was recorded was produced by Santorio Santorio. Since then, the thermometer has been improved by many scientists including Galileo, Ferdinand II and Gabriel Fahrenheit.

no it was not made by accident. it was made by daniel gabriel fahrenheit. he wanted to make something to measure how hot or cold it is in a specific area. that is how the thermometer was invented.

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit 1714

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A Galileo thermometer is a thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and a series of objects whose densities are such that they rise or fall as the temperature changes.

An indirect measurement of the speed of molecules is made with a thermometer.

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