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poster board with one section of large poster board ( I don't know the measurements are) and 2 sections on the sides that are half the size of the first one

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Q: What is a three section poster board?
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How do you cut a pyramid out of poster board?

How to make a pyramid out of poster board?

How do you get sharpie off a poster board without destroying the poster board?

No,any marker does come off poster board without destroying it.

What is the difference between trifold and poster board?

one has one serction the other has three\

Can you print a pic on poster-board using a regular printer?

No, the poster board is too big to go through the printer.

Can you do 3d modeling on a poster board?


Is poster board the same as cardboard?

It's pretty close, but poster board is thinner than cardboards, but they could be interchanged for projects.

Francesca used a square piece of poster board to show the main points of her history presentation The length of each side of the poster board was 24 inches Find the area of the poster board?

24 times 24. duhhh

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a mood board generator is a poster or design

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What is poster paper?

Poster paper is a thicker stock of paper. This type of paper is similar to a poster board which is made from cardboard.

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Target, AC Moore, Michael's, Staples, Walmart, even CVS. Poster board is very easy to find at your local craft/supply stores. Poster board only costs about 10 to 30 cents. (American $$)