What is a toner cartridge?

A LaserJet toner cartridge is a cartridge made up of 2 halves. The halves are either designed as a single unit or designed as two individual units that will work as a single unit once installed. Canon and HP have mostly toner cartridges that are two halves that make up one unit or toner cartridge. The two halve are made up of a drum half and a toner half.

The Drum half or waste bin has four main components. The drum which is made of metal has a unique coating on it so that allows it to apply the toner to the paper. It is the only part of the cartridge that makes direct contact with the paper. There is also a PCR or Primary Charge Roller that sits up against the drum. Directly under the drum is the wiper blade, whose job it is to clean all of the old waste toner off the drum as it turns during printing.

The Toner half is made up 3 main components. First there is the Mag or Developer Roller. It is often referred to as the Mag because there is a magnet that is in the developer roller that runs the length of it. Not all cartridges have a magnet in the developer roller but the majority do. Directly under the Mag is the Doctor Blade and it is it's job to make sure the Mag gets a even coat of Toner. The Toner is the last component, its specific elements vary for between cartridges but without it, we'd all be using inkjets or working on our handwriting. No matter what style of cartridge, almost all have these two halve in some form.