What is a townie?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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a person who lives in a town

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Q: What is a townie?
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When was The Townie created?

The Townie was created on 2010-12-06.

Is the gold part of the townie gold?

It depends on how rich this TOWNIE is... If they live on the nice part of town.. then yes the gold on them is probably real. But if the TOWNIE you see is at the store with six kids all barefoot... i would probably guess not, because if it was that TOWNIE would have sold it.

What is a derogatory word for Non country dwellers?


What are the ratings and certificates for Gossip Girl - 2007 The Townie 4-11?

Gossip Girl - 2007 The Townie 4-11 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

What does a townie through and through mean?

A townie is someone who lives in a town or city. Through and through means all the way through, or completely. The person is a city boy or girl, totally and completely.

What actors and actresses appeared in Townies and Hayseeds - 1923?

The cast of Townies and Hayseeds - 1923 includes: Ada StClare as Ma Townie Lotus Thompson as Adelaide Townie Pinky Weatherley as Mum Hayseed

What is the name for people that live in the city?

city dweller, townie, urbanite metropolitan/metropolite cosmopolitan/cosmopolite

What is East Providence High School's motto?

The motto of East Providence High School is 'Home of Townie Pride'.

What is martie real name martie from hellcats?

Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka) is the protagonist of the series and a townie from Memphis

How do you add a sim on Sims 3 ds?

you press select or start then it will show you a menu and put add a townie

What is the cheat to make sims get married on The Sims 2?

Well First, your Sims will need a high relationship with the 2 Sim's First, when playing the game, press Ctrl+Shift+and c, that will come up with a cheat box. Then type in boolprop testingCheatsenabled true and press enter. Then go to the part where you can see the relationships and you can drag the green bar all the way to the end until ur sims get a high relationship. If u want to get married to a townie, then hold shift and click on the townie, then click selectable, then do the same with the green bar with the townie. There u go!

What actors and actresses appeared in A Cosmic Christmas - 1977?

The cast of A Cosmic Christmas - 1977 includes: Richard Davidson as Lexicon Joey Davidson as Peter Marvin Goldhar as Snerk Jane Mallett as Grandma Nick Nichols as Townie Duncan Regehr as Amalthor Greg Rogers as Marvin Marian Waldman as Townie Chris Wiggins as Mayor