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Q: What is a traditional ceremony for a sweet 16 party?
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Is it traditional to have a sweet 16 court?

A sweet 16 court is traditional and it looks nice but it isn't mandatory.

What are some ideas to do at your sweet 16 party?

it your sweet 16 do what you want to. if it not yours and its you friends do what she would want for her sweet sixteen.

Can a boy have a Sweet 16 party?

It's more common for teenage girls to have these "Sweet 16" parties.

What are the similarities of a Quinceanera and a sweet 16?

They both celebrate a girl becoming a woman. They both have the traditional shoe ceremony where a girl changes from flats to heels .They both wear ball gowns.

What is a Mexican version of a sweet 16 party?

The Quinceañera or sweet 15.

Do people have their sweet 16 party on their birthday?


Do people go out after the sweet 16 party?


Can people go out after the sweet 16 party?


What can you do for your sweet 16?

A birthday party of some sort...

Party that girls have at 16 in Mexico?

Sweet sixteen

How do I contact a celebrity for a sweet 16 party?

Call them

What is a sweet 16?

A sweet 16 is a birthday party given to someone turning 16. These parties are generally very large, with a lot of people attending.

Where can I make my daughter sweet 16 invitations online?

You can find templates to make invitations for your daughters sweet 16 party at the following or

Do sweet sixteens have 16 or 17 candles?

A sweet sixteen is your sixteenth birthday party, so the cake would have 16 candles.

What are the release dates for My Two Dads - 1987 Party Sweet 16 See Appendix 3-16?

My Two Dads - 1987 Party Sweet 16 See Appendix 3-16 was released on: USA: 12 March 1990

What is the best place to have a sweet 16 party?

Windridge Yacht Charter

What is a sweet-16 for Germans?

the "Sweet 16" party is not celebrated in Germany. This is a US/Canada tradition. You can call it a Heranwachsender, which means "coming of age."

What are good sweet 16 party ideas for an outdoor girl?

I would say a swimming pool party!

Facts about the number 16?

You have to be 16 to get a drivers license. some 16 year old teens have a sweet 16 birthday party.

How can you get Lil Wayne to perform at my sweet 16 birthday party?

give him a BJ and he will ;)

Is Miranda Cosgrove going to have a sweet 16 party?

Yes she already had one.

Were Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato at Miley Cyrus's sweet 16 party?


How much will it cost for mindless behavior to come to a sweet 16 party?


How do girls celebrate their sweet 16?

Girls celebrate their sweet 16 with food, music, and dancing. There is also the candle lighting ceremony, the first dance, the shoe changing where the father of the birthday girl replaces her flats to heels, and the tiara ceremony where the birthday girls mother places the tiara on her head.

Do boys have sweet 16 parties?

Yes, many boys do have sweet 16 parties this fun party event isn't just for girls. It's just a celebration of your 16 birthday