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a noble act by the tragic hero

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Q: What is a tragic impulse?
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What is tragic impulse?

Tragic impulse is what leads a character in a written work to become destructive. Many times, this not only involves them destroying something but also going through their own self-destruction.

Which is the best example of tragic impulse from Tragedy of Macbeth?

Macbeth shows courage when he refuses to surrender to Macduff

What is meaningful sentence of impulse?

impulse is impulse

What are expressions for impulse?

Impulse = mv Impulse = Fmv

What is the comparative and superlative of tragic?

more tragic, most tragic

How do you make a sentence with impulse?

I bought the hat on impulse. It was just an impulse.

What is a neuron impulse?

it is neuron impulse

What is the prefix root and suffix of the word tragic flaw?

suffix of the word tragic is the capital bit of this word below tragIC

How do you make sentence for word impulse?

Impulse often spurs inventions. Impulse is often caused by heightened desire. Impulse often catalyzes action. An impulse should be only be acted upon as a last resort. Impulse often creates unanticipated problems. Impulse can be beneficial or dangerous. His conclusions were driven by impulse rather than logical. Impulse is often associated with heightened desire. Impulse often brings about needed actions.

What impulse is the ratio of impulse to weigh?


Impulse refers to both force and?

Impulse refers to both force and time....... Impulse=(the change in Force)*(time) OR Impulse=the change in Momentum

What is the tragic impulse in Macbeth Act 5?

It is when Macbeth allows Macduff to kill him, because he nows it would be better for his country than to be king any longer Caleb Minear, 12, living in MI Go FF5!

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