What is a trained teacher?


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A teacher who has the college education, student teaching, and credentials to teach.

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trained graduate teacher

he trained to be a science teacher.

Naruto had a few teachers. Iruka was his academy teacher, Jiraiya trained him, and Kakashi was his team leader/teacher.

Associate teachers are in an apprenticeship role where they are being trained by an experienced lead teacher.

In India PGT is a post graduate teacher and TGT is a trained graduate teacher.

Luke 6:40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

Trained Graduate Teacher ... these teacher are meant to teach below 10th class

PGT: Post Graduate Teacher TGT: Trained Graduate Teacher

PGT: Post graduate Teacher TGT: Trained Graduate Teacher PRT: Primary Teacher

A TGT teacher is a trained graduate teacher. They teach 6-10 standard. A PGT teacher is a post graduate teacher. They teach 11-12.

TGT => Trained Graduate Teacher PGT => Post Graduate Teacher

No, Bruce Lee was Trained by Grand Master Yip Man of Wing Chun

She was a trained physician, scientist, author, astronaut, photographer and teacher.

Yes if they have trained to be one just like anyone else.

A license is issued by the government and it gives permission for a teacher to teach in a public school. Certification is issued by a school and it certifies that someone has been trained as a teacher.

His teacher in painting was Domenico Ghirlandaio. In sculpture he was trained by Bertoldo di Giovanni.

It would depend on the context.We had the day off because it was our teacher's training day (only one teacher was being trained)The whole school was closed for teachers' training (more than one teacher was being trained)

Am interested in knowing how much a montessori trained teacher can earn per month/in a year, and does it matter what state he/she is in?

You need to be trained in the same subject for practically your entire life if you want to be a teacher (commonly referred to as 'sensei').

Teachers that have a Bachelors in Education degree or other teaching related training certifications are considered Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs). Teachers that have a teacher training certificate after they have completed post-graduation are called post graduate trained teachers (PGTs).

if you mean to help other people first, it will be like a student teacher, or an apprentice.

The teacher who teaches the priests are prieststhemselves. Priests are trained in a seminary where they deepen their faith, learn more about the church and Jesus Christ and start their journey towards priesthood.

To play the bassoon you must be trained by a teacher, but, although it helps to have relatively large hands, you can play the instrument just as well with very small hands if you are trained well enough.

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Clara Barton trained people to be nurses and help soldiers on the battlefield. She started the American Red Cross.

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