What is a trait school?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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is a school where they can teach you all you need to know about what you are trying to learn (study, major, etc)

Like Everest.

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Q: What is a trait school?
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What courses of study are recommended for someone wanting to get into the games industry?

go to a trait school and ask them

What is a character trait for Hogwarts is the best school in the world sang Harry?

Young with scabby knees.

In which offspring does a dominant trait appear?

if a trait is recessive, it can only be expressed if its other trait is recessive as well. If the other trait in the genotype is dominant, it will block the recessive factor. But if both are recessive, they will be able to be seen in the offspring.

A trait that is hidden?

The trait that is hidden is recessive trait.

Should children with cell trait be allowed to play sports at school?

if they dont have a car they should have a phone

What is two dominant or two recessive alleles for the same trait?

I think u go to my school... It's homozygous

What is a typical trait you can earn at a vocational school?

Good hand-eye coordination

What causes a branch in a cladogram?

A new trait a derived trait

What trait masksthe othor form of a trait?

The dominant trait masks the recessive trait.

What has the author John J Shola written?

John J. Shola has written: 'The relationship between trait and state anxiety and trait and state self-confidence in high school baseball players' -- subject(s): Anxiety in adolescence, Baseball, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Baseball, Psychological aspects of School sports, School sports, Self-confidence

What are non-mendelian trait?

Non-Mendelian traits are:A trait with no clearly dominant alleleA trait with four allelesA trait controlled by many genes

In a hybrid individual the trait that is covered and not expressed is the what trait?