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Q: What is a tropical burn?
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Why doesn't the Corona beer label burn off?

Corona, like many beers produced in tropical countries, has a label that is screen printed directly on the glass. There is no paper to burn.

Why was the slash and burn method of farming has traditionally used in tropical regions?

quickly clears a heavily forested area.

Which biome agriculture is commonly practiced in a cut burn cultivate abandon mode?

Tropical rain forest, like the Amazons!

What does slash and burn method of Farming?

It means cutting and burning (often tropical) forests to clear the ground for cultivating crops.

What method of deforestation is usually used for clearing land for subsistence agriculture in areas of tropical rain forest?

Slash and burn

What fruits are flammable?

Not really. They contain too much water to burn well. If you were to leave one in a fire for long enough for the water to be driven out, the remainder would burn.

What trees leaves are covered with fluid?

There is a tree in the tropical rainforest that has a black sap that oozes out of the tree. Touching the sap will cause burn type sores on the skin.

Name something that starts with the word tropical?

Tropical Island Tropical Punch Tropical Fruit Tropical Storm Tropical Fish Tropical Paradise

How do you say tropical heaven in french?

Heaven = Paradis Tropical = tropical Tropical heaven = Paradis tropical

Can a tropical storm be upgraded into a tropical cyclone?

A tropical storm is already a tropical cyclone.

Amazon basin is tropical or sub tropical?

its tropical !

What are two type of tropical forest?

Tropical rain forest and tropical dry forest are the two types.