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A trust is a document describing what you want to be done with the property you hold in the trust when you die. More information at

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Q: What is a trust fund or program?
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What has the author Christopher M Minard written?

Christopher M. Minard has written: 'A comparative study of time and cost in rehabilitating trust fund and non-trust fund clients in a vocational rehabilitation program'

Which government agency administered Medicare part D?

Medicare is a program of the Federal Government and is funded by two Trust Funds set up by the Federal Government. Medicare Part B and Part D are fund by the Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund held by the United States Department of the Treasury. The Hospital Insurance Trust Fund pays for Part A of the Medicare Program.

What is real estate trust fund overage?

trust fund overage

What is 'trust fund' in Spanish?

"Fondo de fideicomiso" is "trust fund" in Spanish.

Does the state have access to a trust fund in prisoners name?

The state of California dept of Corrections DOES NOT have access to a prisoners trust fund. A trust fund is exempt.

Who pays for your pension for teamsters?

Usually there is a trust fund that a Teamster's pension is paid for. An example of this kind of a trust fund is The Teamsters Pension Trust Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity.

What is the adult equivilant of a child trust fund?

College Trust FundThe College Trust Fund 529 Plan is the most popular and successful type of trust fund for adults trying to have money for college

Where can one find child trust fund comparisons?

One can find child trust fund comparisons from Kiss Trust and Trust Egg. One can also find child trust fund comparisons from Money Saving Expert and The Children's Mutual.

If trustee of trust is not despensing trust fund what do you do?


Do i have to pay taxes on a trust fund?

If you derive income from a trust fund then you must declare that income on your tax return.

What if executor says there is nothing left in a trust fund?

Then there are no further assets to be distributed. The trust fund is a finite size and once it is gone the trust is closed.

Which countries have a government child trust fund?

The only country currently offering a government child trust fund is the United Kingdom. The child trust fund is a long term savings or investment account for children.