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The term "Type B lamp" actually refers to the type of bulb the lamp requires. Type B bulb is a small version with a smaller wattage than of your typical, general purpose lamp bulbs. They are often used in Tiffany-style lamps that require a smaller bulb. The lamps are named such because they are smaller, with a small bulb requirement but standard size bulb socket. You can buy B-Type bulbs at almost any lighting dealer.

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A type B lamp refers to a specific type of light bulb that features a candelabra base and is typically used in chandeliers, sconces, and decorative lighting fixtures. These bulbs are often smaller and have a tapered shape compared to standard light bulbs.

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Q: What is a type B lamp?
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Yes, a type B bulb can be used in a touch lamp as long as it fits the lamp's socket size and wattage requirements. Make sure the bulb is compatible with the touch-sensitive mechanism and provides the desired brightness for the lamp.

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