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Q: What is a type of flower that sounds like an element?
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What is an element that sounds like a type of red flower?

a type if a flower in an element is: By ashante love

What Type of flower people eat?

sunflowers and some roses. its sounds awkward but true!!

What element is a type of flower according to a popular pun?

A type of flower - Germanium - Gr, Rhodium - Rh, or Gadolinium - Gd

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I believe that no flower can't spread polline. It'll just be unnatural. For a flower to not pollinate won't be like any other flower because that type of flower doesn't exsist. As far as any scientist knows that type of flower doesnt exsist.

Is Sullivan a type of flower?

No it's not a type of flower.

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Sounds like a type of choreography.

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Chesterfield in Derbyshire

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Hamburg and Frankfurt.

how long is a flower?

Depends what type a flower it is

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