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Urban means town area, and rural means village area.

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Q: What is a urban and rural?
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Is Jamaica rural or urban?

52.3% of Jamaica is urban, and 47.7% is rural.

Is Canada rural or urban And why?

Canada is a country.It have rural and urban.

Rural and urban administration?

rural & urban administration

Advantages of rural communities from urban?

what are the urban and rural evangelism

What is rural and urban area?

Rural is farmland. Urban is innercity.

Is china town urban or rural?

is Chinatown urban or rural

Is Ohio rural or urban?

THE CITIES ARE URBAN AND THE PEOPLE ARE "RURAL" There are both rural and urban parts of Ohio. Many areas are rural with lots of farms, but there are cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo that are urban. The capital, Columbus is mostly rural.

Is dominican republic considered to be rural urban or suburban?

Urban and Rural, but all the cities are urban areas. The country skirts are rural.

Is Madagascar a rural or urban area?

rural rural rural rural

Is Miami Beach in a rural or urban area?

is miami is urban or rural

Is Hawaii urban or rural?

Hawaii has both urban and rural areas.

Is maui rural or urban?

Maui is more rural than urban.

Is India rural or urban?

India is actually both rural and urban

Is Brunei mostly rural or urban?

76% rural 23% urban

Difference between rural and urban occupation?

rural and urban occupation

Is a forest in a rural or urban?

is a forest in a rural area or urban area

What are three ways Rural communities and Urban communites are different?

three ways Urban communities and rural communities that urban communities have a larger population than rural communities. Another wat rural communties and urban communities are different is that urban communities have more crime scenes than rural communities. The last way rural communities and urban communities are different is that urban communities are busier cities than rural communities.

Is MIT urban suburban or rural?

Its urban

Is Venezuela urban or rural?

Venezuela has both urban and rural areas, but it is predominantly urban. About 1 million people live in rural areas in Venezuela.

Is the US urban or rural?

It all depends where you are... It's both urban and rural!

Rural life or urban life?

rural life & urban life

Is Nevada rural or urban?

parts of Nevada are rural and some parts are urban

Is Colorado urban or rural?

Is colorado city, co rural or suburban?

Is Paris urban or rural?


Is Boston urban or rural?