What is a user name in facebook?

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Go to your profile tab, the name that is popping beside your profile picture is regarded as Facebook user name.
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How do you block a user on Facebook?

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the

How can you find a Facebook user from his mafia name?

There is a way only if the user has killed you. Go to the home area - news area and hover on the user's thumbnail image a tool tip would show the user's name. . Or If any of

How do you change the user name on Facebook?

Click the button next to home and go to account settings.Then click on edit username. you will be asked for your password before changing your username. :)

How can you get facebook to not remember your user name and password so you can put it in every time?

There should be a check that you can click to uncheck it; make sure it is unchecked whenever you log in. If you cannot find this check or for some reason it does not work, the
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How many Facebook user does Facebook have?

Currently the number of active facebook users are more than 8 million. But it is expected that in 2012 this number may rise to 1 billion in 2012