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A quantity with magnitude and a direction.

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Meaning of vector in physics?

In Physics a vector is a number with a direction.

What is unit vector in physics?

a vector having unit magnitude and have a certain direction.

What is position vector in physics?

A position vector tells us the position of an object with reference to the origin

Physics notes of class xi?

resultant vector a vector in which 1 side shiner and another side is polish is called resultant vector

What has the author T N Lockyer written?

T. N. Lockyer has written: 'Vector particle physics' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Particles (Nuclear physics), Vector analysis

When drawing a vector using the triangle method of addition how do you draw in the resultant vector?

When drawing a vector using the triangle method you will draw in the resultant vector using Pythagorean theorem. This is taught in physics.

Is it true that all physical quantity which has a direction and a magnitude is a vector?

I think so, yes; that's basically what the concept of a "vector" in physics is all about. (There are also more abstract vectors in math and physics, but something that has a magnitude and a direction would be enough to quality as a vector.)

What are the important questions in intermediate first year physics?

linear vector

Is a vector diagram needed to solve all physics problems properly?


Why speed is scalar while velocity is vector?

Speed is scalar (that is, without direction) and velocity is a vector (speed plus direction) by definition in physics.

What is negative vector in physics?

That's a vector whose direction is exactly opposite to the direction that you designated as the positive one when the exercise or analysis began.

Is average speed of a vehicle a vector or scalar quantity?

In physics:If you talk about speed, that refers to a scalar quantity.If you talk about velocity, that refers to a vector quantity.

A quantity that requires both magnitude and direction?

I had this question in my physics class as well and the answer is vector :)

What is velocity in physics?

The rate of displacement with respect to time is called velocity.It is vector quantity.

Is velocity speed?

As used in physics, the two are different. Speed is a scalar, velocity a vector.

What is useful of vectors in physics?

vector is important because it shows direction as well as magnitude

Type of quantity?

There are two types of quantities in Physics: the vector quantity and the scalar quantity.

What are the applications of vector algebra and vector calclus?

Vector Algebra and Vector Calculus are used widely in science, especially Physics and engineering.The physical world involves four dimensions, one scalar dimension and three vector dimensions. From this you can say that 3/4 of the world involve vectors.

MCQs on scalar and vector in physics?

1) A Physical quantity having magnitude and direction called a. Scalar b. vector c. kilogram d. meter

What is meant by the resultant in physics?

The Resultant force in Physics is the vector solution (sum) of multiple individual forces acting on a common point in space and time.

What is total force in physics?

Total force refers to the vector sum of several individual forces.

What does an over-line bar over a variable mean in physics?

It could represent a vector.

In physics what is drag?

Drag is a force vector, usually caused by air resistance, fluid resistance, or friction, that causes acceleration in a direction opposite to an object's velocity vector.

What are the major concepts of a scalar and vector quantity in physics?

That vectors are just scalars WITH a direction. (for example 50 miles is a scalar distance, but 50 miles north is a vector)

What is equalibrium in physics?

The sum of all forces is equal to zero when added using the vector method The sum of all torque is equal to zero when added using the vector method