What is a veranda?

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A porch or balcony, usually roofed and often partly enclosed, extending along the outside of a building. Also called gallery.

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Q: What is a veranda?
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What is an antonym for veranda?

what is an antonym for veranda?what is an antonym for veranda?

What is the Igbo word for veranda?

veranda = mbara ihu

How do you spell veranda?

That is the correct spelling of "veranda" (a covered porch).

What is the singular of veranda?

Veranda is singular. It's plural is verandas.

Origin of word veranda?

Veranda comes from Spain and it is a porch basically.

How do you put the word veranda in a sentence?

They had a lovely veranda at the back of the house.

What is a good sentence for veranda?

The mother called the children inside as she stood on the veranda. "We should really get the veranda fixed", said Father.

What part of speech is veranda?

The word veranda is a noun. The plural noun is verandas.

What is the plural word of veranda?

The plural of the word veranda is verandas.

When was Veranda's created? Veranda's was created in 2008.

How can you use the word veranda in the sentence?

We drink raw tea on the south wing veranda.

What is a antonym for veranda?

Veranda is a noun. Nouns rarely have antonyms.

A sentence with the word veranda in a sentence?

Let's meet on the veranda, under the pale moon light.

How do you use the word veranda?

Tea will be served at four o' clock on the roofed portion of the front veranda.

What is Veranda magazine phone number?

For Veranda magazine contact Hearst Publications at (800)767-5863

What are verandas?

A veranda/verandah is a porch a veranda is a really long porch that streaches out very far

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Origin of veranda?

from greek

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What is a sentence with the word veranda?

The house was of adobe, low, with a wide veranda on the three sides of the inner court.

What are the release dates for Carmen's Veranda - 1944?

Carmen's Veranda - 1944 was released on: USA: 28 July 1944

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