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What is a vertebrae?


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A vertebrae is the name given to each one of the small bones in the Vertebral Column ( spine). An adult human has 34 vertebrae in their spine.
any of the single bones or segments of the spinal column, articulating in the higher vertebrates with those adjacent to it by means of elastic fibrous disks
Vertebra in medical terminology refers to any of the 33 bones of the vertebral (spinal) column, comprising 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 4 coccygeal vertebrae.
The bones that make up your spine
the vertebra is a bone in the neck and back
Vertebrae are the pieces of bone that connect chain-like to make up your spine, and the spines of all vertebrate animals. The plural of vertebra is vertebrae, but vertebras is also OK.
They are the bones of the spine.

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Cervical vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae, and Lumbar vertebraeCervical vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae, and Lumbar vertebraecervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae

cervical vertebrae thoracic vertebrae. lumbar vertebrae

Cervical Vertebrae Thoracic Vertebrae Lumbar Vertebrae Sacrum Vertebrae Coccyx Vertebrae

Yes. From superior to inferior it is cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

From top to bottom: Cervical vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae, Lumbar vertebrae, Sacrum vertebrae, and Coccyx vertebrae

Dogs have a total of thirty vertebrae in their spines. They have seven cervical vertebrae, thirteen thoracic vertebrae, seven lumbar vertebrae and three sacral vertebrae.

you have 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae

Cervical vertebrae are the "top seven" vertebrae in the spine, from the base of the skull going downward. The thoracic vertebrae are the twelve vertebrae inferior to the seven cervical vertebrae. The thoracic vertebrae have attachments to the ribs.

Vertebrates have vertebrae .

Frogs have nine vertebrae in their bodies. A frog vertebrae is similar to a human vertebrae, however it is not as complex.

7 Cervical Vertebrae 12 Thoracic Vertebrae 5 Lumbar Vertebrae 5 Sacral Vertebrae 4 Coccyx Vertebrae

There are 33 Vertebrae, starting from the top (just under skull) there are: 7 cervical vertebrae 12 thoracic vertebrae 5 lumbar vertebrae 5 sacral vertebrae (fused together) 4 coccygeal vertebrae (fused together)

The thoracic vertebrae articulate with the ribs. The cervical and lumbar vertebrae do not articulate with the ribs.The Thoracic vertebrae

the vertebrae in the neck is called cervical vertebrae.

The lumbar vertebrae, there are 5 lumbar vertebrae.

There are Five different types of Vertebrae in the Vertabral collumn (spine).1) Cervical Vertebrae (7)2) Thoracic Vertebrae (12)3) Lumbar Vertebrae (5)4) Sacral Vertebrae (5)5) Coccygeal Vertebrae (3)

1) Cervical Vertebrae (7) 2) Thoracic Vertebrae (12) 3) Lumbar Vertebrae (5) 4) Sacral Vertebrae (5) 5) Coccygeal Vertebrae (3)

yes its has a vertebrae

There are 206 in total.The bones in a human skeleton include the cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacral vertebrae, coccygeal vertebrae and others.

the first 7 vertebrae, the neck vertebrae, are considered to be cervical

The thoracic vertebrae number as 12 unfused vertebrae.

The vertebrae nearest the abdominal region are the thoracic vertebrae.

vertabra--one back bone vertabrae--more than one back bone. There are four types of vertebrae: The Cervical Vertebrae The Thoracic Vertebrae The Lumbar Vertebrae The Sacral Vertebrae The Coccygeal Vertebrae Although the Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebrae are made out of fused together vertebra. Whereas the others have separate vertebrae.

From top to bottom: The cervical vertebrae in the neck, the thoracic vertebrae in the thorax, the lumbar vertebre in the abdomen, the sacral vertebrae in the pelvis and the coccyx (coccygeal vertebrae) projecting from the pelvis.

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