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What is a vip pass?

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a vip pass is like a backstage pass, you get to meet the celebrity ,talk to ect. as long as you have the vip pass.

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Which store to get a vip pass on woozworld?

which store do you go to get a VIP pass on woozworld

How do you use your short vip pass on woozworld?

U cant use a short vip pass...

How do you get superstar racing VIP pass for free?

There is no legal way to get the VIP pass for free. This is a form of theft.

When is there going to be a vip pass for yoville?

The feature is currently unavailable. If anyone says they have a VIP Pass. ignore them and report them

Can fans sit in the VIP section?

Yes but you need a VIP pass

How do you get a VIP pass for Moe Potts in thrillville off the rails?

complete gold on some missions and the prize will be a VIP pass.

How do you get VIP pass on stick run?


How do you get to the VIP Stage on Club Penguin?

You need to be a member and then buy the VIP pass and then go up there

Where to get Superstar Racing VIP pass for free?

you go to get free vip for super star racing

Is pass a noun?

It depends. If you mean pass as in a VIP pass or a similar pass, yes. If you mean for example, pass me that item, no.

How do you get a free vip pass in superstar racing miniclip?

at the moment you can get free vip from their sponsors. I do not know how though

Can you still get somebody a vip pass on imvu even tho you have vip?

no , don't share live your self

How do you meet mcfly?

get a vip pass at one of their concerts

Do you have to pay for the play sega VIP pass?


How do you get VIP tickets to Justin Bieber?

you have to pass the test

How can you get a free VIP pass on Yoville?

There are no VIP passes yet if anyone offers to sell one they are scamming and should be reported.

How can i interveiw Nick Jonas?

Get a VIP pass and then meet and interview him

How do you get a VIP pass in Maple Story?

u can get those from quest

How do you get a scooter in superstar racing?

u have 2 have a vip pass

What is the voucher for superstar racing?

code for free vip pass

How much is a VIP pass on woozworld?

39.95 dollars c:

What is the latest next star vip pass code?


How can i meet ariana grande after concert?

A VIP pass maybe?

How do you get a vip pass for clubpenguin?

So far, you could only get a VIP pass is you were a member in Music Jam 08. I had to learn that the hard way, don't worry; it could be back soon!

How do you become vip on robloxs?

You will need to buy the VIP shirt if the creator has one and is selling it.

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