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A Warrior at Troy would be called a Trojan.

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Q: What is a warrior at Troy called?
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Who was the great warrior from Troy?

Hector, the Prince of Troy, was really their hero and their best warrior.

Who was a warrior at troy?


Who was the greatest warrior in the battle of troy?


What is a popular household cleanser named after a Greek warrior?

Ajax was a famous warrior at the siege of Troy.

Who was troy's greatest warrior?

For Troy, it was Hector Priamades.

Which great Greek warrior was killed at Troy?

Achilles was.

Who was the Trojan warrior that escaped the destruction of troy?


Who was the greatest greek warrior in the Trojan war?

Achilles was considered the greatest warrior of the Greek army at Troy.

Who is hector from troy?

The best Trojan warrior and brother of Pairs.

Who was the mythical greek hero and warrior who fought against Troy in The Iliad?


Epic poem that describes the adventures of an Achaean warrior after the fall of Troy?


What is Odysseus a god over?

He is not a god, but a warrior and a king. Famous for his battle at Troy.

Was hector a god?

In the Illiad, Hector was a man. He was the prince of Troy and the best warrior defending the city.

Who was the chief warrior for the Trojan army?

Hector, son of Priam, prince of Troy, was slewed by Achilles.

Why was Helen of troy called as Helen of troy?

because she cheated on her husband with the prince of troy

Who are the main characters of troy?

One of the main characters in Troy is Achilles (Brad Pitt): Brooding warrior whose quest for immortal fame brings him to Troy even though such a choice also brings his doom.

Who were the Troy opponents of the Greeks?

The inhabitants of the city of Troy, led by king Priam. His son Hector was the foremost warrior. Prince Paris was the one who killed the Greek Achilles.

What is a red Indian warrior called?

A red indian warrior...

Which pope was called the warrior pope?

His Holiness Pope Julius II was called the "Warrior Pope".

What were the people of ancient troy called?

They were called Trojan's because Troy....Trojan's....? does it sound the same?

Will there be a new Warrior series called A New Regin?

There is no Warrior cat book series called A New Regin that I know of. However, there will be a new Warrior cat book series called Dawn of the Clans. It will explain the beginnings of the Warrior Clans.

Is there a book called 'the fallen warrior'?

no actually the forgotten warrior.

Why helen called as helen of troy?

Helen was called Helen of Troy because she was taken to Troy(a city) by Paris. She was also called Helen of Sparta because she was born there and was queen. Hope I helped!

Who is the great warrior who kills Patrocius?

In Homer's Iliad, Patroclus was killed by Hector. Hector was celebrated as a great warrior of Troy. Patroclus was a close comrade of Achilles and died in the Trojan War.

What are the differences of troy and Iliad?

Troy is a place, also called Ilium. The Iliad is a story which takes place at Troy.