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== == This may be a sebaceous cist, which is filled with fluid and is surrounded by a hard shell. These are usually not dangerous and can be removed by a simple surgical cut and stitch procedure. It will be tested in a lab to see if it has cancerous cells, most do not. Some people are more prone to these than others.

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Q: What is a white knot on the back of the ear?
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I have a knot on back of my right ear. It's the size of a quarter like It hurts from the area in front of my ear above my ear lobe back to above the knot its real tender. what could it be?

Just a possibility: you have lymyph nodes back there which could be swollen due to some infection your body is dealing with. It could also be a clogged lymph node. Either way, probably better see a Doc.

What should you do about this knot behind your ear?

mastoid bone

How can you get rid of a knot behind the ear?

Go to a doctor.

Can you tie your ear in a knot?

no way unless you rip it into ribbons

What is a knot behind the ear?

i think it maybe the mastoid bone swollen

What is a large knot on the back of the neck at the base of the skull that can be moved and interferes with innner ears?

Could be swollen lymph nodes caused by an inner ear infection.

When was the slip knot invented?

The slip knot it a class of knot that goes back before recorded history. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on the slip knot.

Knot on your head behind your ear what could this be?

mastoid bone

How do you tie a knot with a sewing machine?

You back-tack. To back-tack you just move your cloth backwards and you made you sturdy knot.

Knot between skull and left ear doesn't hurt but have headache?


What does a white ear mean on a guinea pig?

Nothing... just that it has a white ear. One of its parents is probably white or has white patches of fur.

Is it possible for the inside of your ear to turn white?

No, its not possible for your ear to turn white because of an infection.

When was White Bim Black Ear created?

White Bim Black Ear was created in 1977.

Ear hurting and now knot on side of neck?

don't worry just sleep on more comforteble surface and get some ear wash. it will be gone in no time..

What do you do if you slipped a knot in knitting?

pull it back out

What is the duration of White Bim Black Ear?

The duration of White Bim Black Ear is 3.05 hours.

What is a painful knot behind your ear along with dizzyness and headaches?

Something a doctor should look at immediately.

There is a knot that doesn't move and painful to touch in front of right ear?

You need to go and get it checked out at the doctors

Pain behind the ear back of head?

Pain in the back of the ear can be an indicator of an ear infection. Visit your doctor to get a prescription antibiotic.

What is a Hard knot on the back of your head?

Your pony tail?

Where is the auditory nerve located in the ear?

at the back of the ear.

What causes a swollen knot on back?

There are many things that can cause a swollen knot on a persons back. An allergic reaction to something, an insect bite, or an animal bite are things that can cause this.

Does Shaun White pro snowboarder have a pierced ear?

He does not have a pierced ear.

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The inside of a tigers ear is all white :)

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