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Examples of white minerals are aragonite and quartz. There are many other minerals that can appear white, and even more with a white streak, streak being the color of the mineral in its powdered state.

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Q: What is a white mineral?
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Is a white mineral that is very hard?

Diamond is a very hard white mineral.

What is the mineral with glassy luster often clean or milky white?

The mineral with glassy luster, and milky white is Quartz

Is mineral spirit the same as white spirit?

Actually yes - White spirit is also known as Stoddard Solvent or White Mineral Spirit or LAWS (low aromatic white spirit). The term Mineral Spirit is also sometimes used to describe Mineral Turpentine (Turpentine substitute) or HAWS (High Aromatic White Spirit)

A milky white mineral made of silica?

A milky white mineral made up of silica is quartz. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the Earth's crust.

What mineral has a tan streak and is white and reddish-yellow?

It is the mineral Halite

What is the streak of the mineral Jasper?


What is the mineral colour of limestone?


The white powder left behind by a mineral on a white tile?

When you rub a mineral on a tile it is called streaking a mineral. The line that is left is called the streak, and the tile itself is called a streaking plate.

What rock or mineral is white and metamorphic?


What is a white mineral with the hardness of 3.5?


Which mineral is white or colorless has a hardness of 2.5 and splits with cubic cleavage?

Calcite is a mineral that is white or colorless and has a hardness of 2.5 and splits with cubic cleavage.

Is a Gray mineral harder than a white mineral?

No, there is no correlation between color and hardness in minerals.

A white or colourless mineral used as a gemstone?

Many diamonds are white or colorless. Cubic Zirconium is a substitute for diamonds and are white or colorless. Opals can be white but are not colorless. Pearls are white, but have tints of color to them. Topaz is a mineral - in its purest form, it's either white or colourless.

What could you use to test for the streak of a mineral?

A white, unglazed porcelain streak plate and a sample of the mineral.

What mineral makes the color silvery white?

potassium makes a silvery white color

What is the streak of the serpentine mineral?

The streak color is White.

What is the white mineral occurring naturally in limestone?


What is the streak color of the mineral silver?

silver or white

What is gymsums color?

Gypsum is a white or colorless mineral.

Why is fluorites streak always white?

Fluorite's streak is white because that is the true color of the powdered form of the mineral. The impurities that cause color or tint in a mineral specimen are so insignificant in relation to the true mineral content that they are not visible when powdered.

What does it mean when your horse has white urine'?

White urine generally has a high mineral concentration. A mare's urine can be white when she is in heat.

What is a white colourless mineral often tinted with impurities?


What mineral is depleted when bones are soaked in white vinegar?


What does the raw form of chalk look like?

This is a white mineral.

What is color of a mineral powder?

it can be white or gray but the word is STREAK