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There are many wind belts. Doldrums receive the most heat from the Sun. Trade winds extends past the doldrums 30 degrees. Horse latitudes is a wind belt that forms between 30 degrees north and south latitude.

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If you live in Georgia what wind belt do you live in?

If you live in Georgia, then the wind belt you would be living in would be the Prevailing Westerlies wind belt. Most of the U.S. is in this belt.

What wind belt is Florida located in?

global wind belt in Miami Florida

What doesn't make a global wind belt?

what doesn't make a global wind belt is a front.

What is wind that blows most frequently across a wind belt?

prevailing wind

What is pattern of wind movement around the earth?

wind belt

Which prevailing wind belt is the United States located in?

Westerlies belt

What is wind that wind blows most frequently across a wind belt?

A prevailing wind is one that commonly blows from one direction.

What wind belt is Japan in?

Its in the prevailing Westerlies.

What wind belt do you live on?

trade winds

What is the meaning of Global wind belt?

The global wind belt is the general circulation and the surface winds of each hemisphere. The three wind belts are the polar easterlies, prevailing westerlies and the tropical easterlies.

Which wind belt is most of the US located?

in maimi

Which wind belt the US is most located in?


What wind belt is Florida in?

Your mothers hairy behind.

What is the prevailing wind direction in Delaware?

In Delaware the major wind belt is the prevailing westerlies. Therefore the wind travels west to east.

What wind belt flows in the middle latitudes?

jet streams

Is Death Valley California on a major wind belt?


What do you call the wind belt around the equator?

The jet stream.

What global wind belt is US located?

Most of the USA is in the "Prevailing Weterlies" wind belt. also, the westerlies travel accross the globe because the easterlies said so. LOL

What is the different between a jet steam and a global wind belt?

well a jet stream could be short and could be in all same directions. also a global wind belt could be everywhere in directions blowing some sort of wind or gas

What's the best way to prevent wind erosion?

Plant a shelter belt (trees). Plant a shelter belt (trees).

A strong belt of wind found in the upper atmosphere?

Jet streams

What surface wind belt flows in the middle latitudes?

Jet Streams

In which wind belt is most of the United States located?

doldrums is the stupid answer

What is the wind belt across the US called?

It is called the Hadley cell.

Most of the US lies within which wind belt of wind usually moves across the country from southwest to northeast?


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