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locale, outskirts, suburbs, environs

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Q: What is a word for a location's surrounding area?
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Where is chucky cheeses located?

There are several locations. View this website to select your surrounding area and search for the closest one to you.

What word would you use to describe the nature and workings of the area surrounding you?


Not only the city but the area surrounding it is called what?

The area surrounding a city is often referred to as its metropolitan area or its suburbs.

Why are stars hotter than the surrounding area?

stars are hotter than the surrounding area because the surrounding area isn't so hot.

In what country is tesco mobile located?

Tesco Mobile is located in the United Kingdom. It is mostly centered around London, but there are several locations in the area surrounding, including Denmark.

What is the population of the surrounding metropolitan area of tours?

the surrounding metropolitan area of tours

where are there window installers in NC?

There is a variety of window installers within the central area, and scattered throughout the surrounding area. One recommendation would be to search within your local telephone book for any locations or numbers to call

Doow you nowware twilight new moon was filmed?

"Twilight: New Moon" was primarily filmed in Canada, with locations including Vancouver and the surrounding area. Additional scenes were also filmed in various locations in the United States, such as Oregon and Italy.

is there a Southern Bank in wilmington,nc ?

Hello. Im not sure if there is one directly in Wilmington but her is a link with a list of locations in the surrounding area. Link:

How are the olympic locations selected?

They are determined according to size of the city, amenities, surrounding locations, amusement attractions, and overall quality of life.

How do you say Mark in French?

marque is the word for mark in French. This is the small area having different color than surrounding.

Where are the 24 Fitness locations in the DC area?

The 24 Fitness locations in the DC area can be found by googling 24 Fitness and then entering their website. On their website, you can press locations and it will list all of the locations in the area you desire.