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Q: What is a word for maintain a constant temperature?
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What does a thermostat maintain?

A thermostat is supposed to maintain a constant temperature or temperature range in an area or for a device.

What is the mane for the animals that maintain a constant tamperture?

Warm blooded animals can maintain a constant body temperature.

Can stones maintain a constant temperature?

No; they have no mechanism by which they regulate or maintain a specific temperature. They tend toward the ambient temperature of their surroundings.

What does the body do to keep the temperature the same?

How do are body's maintain a constant temperature?

How do amphibians maintain a constant internal temperature?


What is the purpose of the water bath?

To maintain constant the temperature if necessary.

Does a spider keep its body temperature constant?

No. A spider has no mechanism to maintain its body temperature.

Why warm blooded animal maintain a constant body temperature?


What happens to volume when temperature of gas is decresd at constant pressure?

If the temperature of the gas is decreasing, then in order to maintain constant pressure, you would have to compress it in volume.

How do endothermic animals maintain body temperature?

Endothermic animals maintain constant body temperature in a number of ways. One way is to lay out in the sun.

What is the animals maintain a constant body temperature regard less of the temperature of the environ ment?

Warm-blooded animals.

How do cassowary's maintain a constant body temperature?

By staying in the sun because the are cold blooded.