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Q: What is a word for to love or worship that has ore in it?
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What is the Latin word for worship?

its love =)

What does the word worshiping mean?

Worship: idolize: love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess

Is worship a compound word?

No. Worship is not a compound word.

What is a seven letter word to describe love?

admired admired

Who was narcissus in love with?

he was in love with naiba the goddess of love and worship

Make a sentence for the word ore?

We found a rich deposit of iron ore.

What is the one word to explain a community of love worship and service rooted in the mystery of Gods presence with us?

Church; or congregation.

Is ore a word?

No, misunderstanding is one.

A word for ancestor with ore in it?


How many syllables are in the word worship?

The word worship has two syllables. The syllables in the word are wor-ship.

Worship in a sentence?

Use of the word worship in a sentence:Hindus worship Lord Krishna.

What is a 7 letter word for ore?