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Mixing and dispersion are two such words.

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What are the particles if liquid spread throughout another liquid?

In general, two liquids that are miscible are made up of molecules. Another option could be liquid metals that are mixed together in an alloy. In that case, you would have atoms of the metals.

Particles of a liquid?

Particles of a liquid are free to move in a container but remain in close contact with one another.

How do the particles in a liquid move?

compared to particles in a solid, the particles in a liquid are more loosely connected and can collide with and move past one another.

What is a solution of one liquid in another liquid?

Water particles mixed with other liquid particles. Example: water and oil or water and cordial.

What can the particles of a liquid do that the particles of a solid can't do?

The particles of a solid can only vibrate about their fixed positions while the particles of a liquid can vibrate, rotate and translate (move from 1 place to another) within the liquid.

What is a colloid mixture?

A mixture where particles are dispersed throughout a liquid or gas ,but are not heavy enough to settle out.(Ex. Jello, Whipped Cream, Milk, Mayo)T.S.C.A colloid is a type of mixture in which tiny particles of one substance are evenly disperse in another substance and do not settle out over time. Fog/mist is a good example, it is a gas that has liquid particles distributed throughout it.

Where do particles of the dissolving substance go in the liquid?

They break up into individual molecules (or ions) and diffuse throughout the liquid.

What condition must exist for a liquid to boil?

When a liquid is heated to a temperature at which particles throughout the liquid have enough kinetic energy to vaporize, the liquid begins to boil.

Do particles in Mercury collide with one another?

All particles of all things are in constant motion. Particles in a liquid collide, but the rate is subdued by the viscosity of the liquid.

What do you call particales of liquid spread threw another liquid?

One liquid spread throughout another liquid would be an emulsion. The two liquids do not interact.

What are particles of liquid?

Particles of a liquid: 1) More loosely connected 2) Can collide with each other and most past one another

When a liquid is heated the particles?

The particles in a liquid begin to vibrate more violently and begin to roll over one another as they begin to become a gas. ----

How do gas particles become liquid?

When they are forced into a smaller space, meaning stored under pressure, they become liquid.

How do particals in a liquid move?

Particles in a liquid move around and slide past one another. This allows the liquid to flow.

How fast do particles move when changing from a solid to liquid?

When a substance undergoes a state change from a solid to a liquid, the speed of the particles increases. In a solid, particles are orderly arranged and considerably fixed in position. In a liquid, the particles slide past one another at a greater speed.

What happens to the particles when a liquid becomes a gas?

Particles that make up the liquid are given so much energy (or heat) that they expand away from one another. So as a liquid increases in temperature, some of the particles jiggle so much that they pop out of the liquid. Increasing the temperature further, more particles jiggle out of the liquid. This is what is observed when matter goes from liquid to a gas: the particles expand away from each other.

Do liquid particles move randomly?

No. They can slide one past another.

Do liquid particles move?

Yes. They slide past one another.

Which are the particles to evaporate from a liquid?

The particles that evaporate from a liquid are on the surface of the liquid.

What is an aerosol?

An aerosol is a colloid of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in air or another gas.

How do the particles of a liquid move?

the particles in liquid move around slowly in the liquid

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