What is a work collegue?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is a work collegue?
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What does the word collegue mean?

The word collegue means someone who you work with. You do not necessarily have a personal relationship with this person. You are in a business relationship.

Did you complain about your collegue?

no i have not complained about m collegue.

What actors and actresses appeared in Citizen X - 2007?

The cast of Citizen X - 2007 includes: Ingvild Aardalsbakke as Collegue LB Enrique Drageseth as Gul 978-843 Linn Eirdal as Collegue LS Camilla Frey as The sexy collegue Torgny Gerhard Aanderaa as The drug-addict Marte Hjeltnes as Collegue KB Janne Hjeltnes as The woman Maritza Larrinaga as The beggar Malie McGuiness Robb as Collegue KS Iselin Saga as Collegue LR Christian Solheim as Kommandant Gul Kristin Wolmer as Collegue KKS

What is the plural form of colleague?


How do you tell if your collegue is a nutter?

If they have toys on there desk?

What do you do when a collegue is competing against you?

Try your best

What is the salary of PC world collegue?

starts at £5.75 an hour.

How do you work with someone who you despise simply because they reminds you of your former spouse?

try and think of the good things about your fomer spouse so when you look at your collegue you look at the good things not the bad

What is an anoying collegue called?

An annoying colleague is called a loner, a dick , or the one who "retires" early

What genetic disorder has 44 autosomes and 3 or more sex chromosomes?

One collegue said that it is klinefelter syndrome.

Who makes moves?

a gay boy called isiah and ben ther was alsoa collegue called kage is gay

Who is heir of Brazil?

it is lucas auriemo who is also the coolest person on earth the co-heir is alex birman esteemed collegue and friend