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What is a yale student?

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A student who attends Yale college would be called a student. If a person graduates with a degree, a person may call them a graduate.

Eli is a nickname for a Yale University athlete (or student).

The answer to the question where one could send mail for a student attending Yale is, one can send mail for a student attending Yale through the email account which the university offices provides for the students for communication.

Here's a helpful article from a current Yale student...

A Yale University student or alumnus is known informally as either an Eli or a Yalie.

Yale University has a total student body of 12,223, of which 5,414 are undergraduate students, and 6,809 postgraduate students. Yale was founded in 1701.

Not just any ivy league school. Eli is a nickname for a Yale University student or graduate, after Yale benefactor Elihu Yale

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut while he father was a student at Yale U."W" was born at New Haven, Connecticut while his father was a student at Yale.

Yes! In fact, Yale has more endowment $$ allocated per undergrad student than Harvard, despite its smaller overall fund.

I believe he was a C student in Yale, while his competitor during one of the elections was a Harvard student with a C average.

Pretty any ethnic group you can think of has at least one person on campus at Yale, either as a student or as a faculty or staff member.

Yale, like many schools has a holistic approach to admissions. This article by Tara Tyrrell breaks it down from a student persepctive (see the related link).

No, you don't have to be a student to buy official Yale University gear. There are many stores that sales the Universities official gear. You can go online and check out the website.

No, Yale does not offer a BSN. Yale is typically big in the social sciences, history, and interdisciplinary studies. In fact, only 9% of the student body falls under biology. So, while a great institution, it's not really big in the health sciences.

Unfortunately, none of the Yale College dorm rooms are equipped with air conditioners. Yale offers several different buildings for student housing, but students are not permitted to install their own air conditioners. This information is available on the housing form for Yale students, as well as on Yale's website in the housing information section.

a student or alumnus of Yale University. Some famous grads include both Presidents Bush. The songwriter Cole Porter, who composed the college"s Bulldog theme song, is snother household word example.

Yale is animal with four leg and two horn that swivel. Yale is animal of Yale University in USA, where they have rare yale taxidermy in museum.

The Bushes were at Yale University when George W. was born.

The Yale Lock The Yale Lock

Yale college colors are Yale blue and White

Elihu Yale and English philanthropist founded Yale!

Yale was named after Elihu Yale, a generous benefactor of the school.

Elihu Yale donated money for it

Maybe he played there on tour, but he never went there as a student. McCartney finished high school, but did not go to college.

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