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The closest I know of is a season, which is 3 moons.

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In the Warriors series, a year is called a "moon." Cats in the series refer to time in terms of "moons" rather than years.

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Q: What is a year called in warriors the series about cats?
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What is a good fantasy adventure novel for a thirteen year old boy like redwall?

Try the series Warriors. It is about cats that go on an adventure.

Will there be a third super edition in the warriors series?

Yes. It will be called Skyclan's Destiny, and will be released sometime this year.

What year the Warriors Into the Wild movie come out?

The Warriors "Into the Wild" movie has not been released yet. The popular book series by Erin Hunter follows a group of wild cats and has not been adapted into a movie.

What year in September will the warriors cats virtual worlds come out?

Late 2010

What is the fifth series of warriors cats going to be about?

The fifth series is still unplanned. The fourth series is called The Fourth Apprentice, featuring two kits: Dovekit and Ivykit. They are related to either Lionblaze or Hollyleaf, or even Squirrelflight. It's still unknown, but we DO know that the prophecy from The Power of Three will be finished up in the 4th series. Erin Hunter said that she plans on writing up to the year 2012.

Is warriors a good series for 11 year old boys?

This is a matter of opinion. Warriors is a very popular children's book series, and many people would recommend it, but you will have to decide for yourself whether you think it is a "good" series or not.

How Old Is Hollyleaf?

Hollyleaf is a fictional character from the "Warriors" book series by Erin Hunter. She is a cat character and does not have a specific age like humans. In the series, her age is not explicitly mentioned.

What is a good series for an 11 year old who is a very good reader and dying to read a good series?

i personally like the Warriors series, its about 4 clans of cats that live in the forest together and try to survive, (theres more to the book series then that but...) it has fighting, some romance, action and drama, it a AWSOME SERIES!!! and there is four 6 book series to it showing the point of view of a sertain cat in thunderclan

When was The Warriors Series Published?

I don't know the exact date, but I'm pretty sure it was in the year 2003.

Who here is a nine year old and finished the first three series in warriors by the erins because i am?

Me and I'm almost done with Sunrise

Would someone be an apprentice in the Warriors series if that person is thirteen years old?

No. The average cat in a feral cat colony (similar to the clans in the warriors series) lives to be about 5 years old, so a 13 year old cat would be long dead. However, if you are referring to the age of 13 by human standards, than yes. A youthful, not fully matured cat (as humans are around the age of 13) would be an apprentice in the warriors series.

How can I tell what series a comic book is e.g. New Warriors 1st series to New Warriors 2nd series?

You can typically determine the series of a comic book by looking at the indicia, which is usually found on the inside cover or first few pages. The indicia will indicate the publication year, issue number, and can also specify if it's a new series or continuation of an existing one. Additionally, the cover may also have a "First Issue" or "New Series" label to indicate a relaunch.