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What is a young clam called?

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== == A young clam is called a larva, spat, or a littleneck.

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What is the clam called if it has 2 shells?

It is called a clam.

Is your young still alive?

you love clam!x

What is the inside lining of a clam shell?

The inside lining of a clam shell is called a nacre. It is soft and smooth and helps protect the clam.

What is linguine with clam sauce called?

Linguine alla Vongole (white clam sauce)

What is a clam baby called?


What is a jazz musicians mistake called?

a clam

What is it called when water goes in and out of a clam?

I think it's called filtering.

What is the lining inside a clam called?

mother of pearl

What is the clam period in a hurricane called?

The eye of the storm.

What is the locomotion of a clam?

they whats called a "foot",so the foot slips out of the shell sticks to the sand and then it contracts pulling the clam forward

What is a group of clam's called?

a bed of clams or a clam bed

What is a marine or freshwater mollusc such as a clam or cockle called?


What is half a clam or oyster shell called?

mother of pearl

What is a sign that a clam is in the area clam?

You will see a clam.

Can you replace red wine for white wine in your red clam sauce?

probually but then it would be called white clam sauce....try it out and let me no your results.

What is a mistake in jazz called?

I've heard it called a clam (not trying to be funny, I'm serious)

What television series has a pub called the drunken clam?

Family guy.

Is there a clam called Abra cadabra?

heck yeah there is its the abra crab

What does a clam start of as?

a clam

Is a manila clam a fresh water clam?

No, the manila clam is saltwater.

Is a clam a mollusk?

Yes, a clam is a mollusk. Clams have soft bodies, which typify mollusks. Clams are part of a sub-family of mollusks called bi-valves.

Can a clammed clam clam?

YES! I think... They can also clam up! -Happily!

What is the beautiful lining of clam and mussel shells called?

the beautiful lining is called, mother-of-pearl

What is a baby clam?

a baby clam

Is a clam a fish?

No a Clam is a mollusk.