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A baby llama is called a cria.

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Q: What is a young llama called?
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What is a young female llama called?


What is a young male and female llama called?


How many babies does a llama have?

Llama young are called crias, and they can have one cria at a time. Only 4 reported cases have said that their Llama had 2 crias.

What is a female llama called?

its called a llama.

What do you call a male baby llama?

A baby or young llama, vicuna or alpaca--male or female--is called a cria (CREE' ah) and is from the Spanish word 'la cría'.

Is a llama a amphibian?

No, a llama is a mammal because it has fur, gives milk to its young, and is warmblooded.

What is a baby llama called?

A baby llama is called a cria (Spanish for "baby").

What do you call a baby llama?

A baby llama is called a cria.

What is the name of a llama child?

A Llama baby is called a cria.

What is a wild llama called?

A wild Llama of course! You named it!

What is a father llama called?

A father llama is called a "Sire".And a mom is called a "Dam"... All baby llamas are called "Crias"

What do you call a young male llama?

a cria, or macho.

What is a adult male llama called?

A Stud is a male llama who is used to breed females. He can also be called a herdsire.

Is a cross between alpaca and llama always called huarizo or dozer?

A cross between an alpaca and a llama is not always called a huarizo or dozer. A cross between an alpaca and a llama can sometimes be called a llapaca.

Why is a llama a mammal?

It is warm blooded and feeds its young milk.

Is a female llama called a dam?

Only if she has offspring or has a cria (baby llama) at her side.

What makes a llama a mammal?

a llama is a mammal because it is warm blooded and it feeds it young ones milk and it lives in a desert with camels

What would you say to someone who said se llama?

By itself, "se llama" means "is called". Usually this is said as ¿Cómo se llama? or "How are you called?". It is a common way of asking one's name.

Group of llama called?

A herd.

What is an offspring of a llama called?


How would you respond to como se llaman las personas de tu familia?

¿Cómo se llaman las personas de tu familia? literally translated is 'How are called the persons of your family?'. In other words, "What are your family members called?'You could respond to this with any or all of the following:Mi madre se llama ...(My mother is called ...)Mi padre se llama ...(My father is called ...)Mi hermano/hermana mayor se llama ...(My older brother/sister is called ...)Mi hermano/hermana menor se llama ...(My younger brother/sister is called ...)Mi abuela se llama ...(My grandmother is called ...)Mi abuelo se llama ...(My grandfather is called ...)Mi tía se llama ...(My aunt is called ...)Mi tío se llama ...(My uncle is called ...)You get the idea ...

What does come se llama mean?

Como se llama means what is that called hope that helped

What do you call a casterated llama?

Castrated* llama is called a Gelding, same thing for a castrated horse.

How do you say friend is called in Spanish?

mi amigo se friend is called...amigofriendse llamais calledawnsered by the lozzter 5000!

Were can young teens volunteer in broward county?

Llama rides at the fair