What is a zhu zhu pet?

I personally own about 32 zhuzhu pets. They are electronic hamsters that scoot, scat, and scurry as the television ads say. There is a total of 36 ZhuZhu Pets. Their names are; 1) Mr. Squiggles 2) Chunk 3) Jilly 4) Pipsqueak 5 ) NumNums 6) Patches 7) Winky 8) Nugget 9) Rocky 10) Fluffy 11) Sweetie 12) Ryder 13) Roxie 14) Pax 15) Kingston 16) Lucky 17) Carly 18) Pinkie 19) Peachy 20) ZuZu 21) Stinker 22) Rocco 23) Nutters 24) Spottie 25) Tex 26) Moo 27) Yoyo 28) Dezel 29) Josie 30) Chewy 31) Cappachino 32) Captain Zhu. Those, are just the ones I know off of the tip of my tongue. Also at the hip tween store, Justice, they have an exclusive purple ZhuZhu Pet named Justice, obviously named after the store. They also have baby ones, cities, cars, planes, purses to carry them in, clothes for them, Mr. Squiggles Halloween costumes, ZhuZhu graphic T's, 3,6, and 19 inch micro ZhuZhu Pet stuffed animals, lunch boxes, an activity set, a ZhuZhu Pet holder that holds up to 12 of them (which you can hang in your closet, etc. They all have a birthmark on their backs, for EX: Mr. Squiggles has a squiggle, swirly circle on his back. They all also have their birthdays on their tags, except on Kung Zhu's. That is a glimps into the life of a ZhuZhu Pet. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a coloring book about ZhuZhu Pets and a book about them!!!


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