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What is about the highest fever?


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Well, the highest fever recorded was 115 degrees Fahrenheit in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia. A high fever is considered 104 and up, but 107- 108 degrees is considered close to death. A normal human temperature is 98.6, and a slight fever is in the 99's. 101 fever is no school, 102 is rest, 103 is doctor, 104 is hospital and any higher could e death! If you have a fever you'd need plenty of fluids to flush out the fever.


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The normal Highest a fever may go for maximum 5 days or a week.

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Write out your will! <------dont worry about that. the highest fever someone has lived with is about 115.

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The highest temperature someone has survived was in 1980, when a man had a fever of 115.7*F and lived.

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If I recall the most deaths from it were in Mexico, so I'm going to assume its there that one would have the highest chance of catching scarlet fever.

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