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It comes from the word Academia (in Latin & Greek) and It means Related with the development of the mind.

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Is it academics was or academics were?

"Academics were" is proper English because it is plural. Ex: The academics were quite rigorous at the college.

How do you spell academics?


What is collective noun of academics?

The collective noun is a faculty of academics.

How do the academics challenge you?

Excelling in academics is important in life. Academics challenge a person to learn new things every day, and to obtain more information for life.

How does personal ethics play a role in academics?

The personal ethics will play a role in academics in terms of discipline and punctuality. Students with good ethics generally perform better in academics.

What is cheating in academics?

Cheating in academics is the way of copying from others. It is an unfair means of answering and can lead to disqualification.

What a teacher does?

Teach academics.

When was Florida Institute of Technology Academics created?

Florida Institute of Technology Academics was created on 1958-09-22.

What are academics documents?

transcripts diplomas

What rhymes with academics?

Pandemics, epidemics,

What is the HIndi word for academics?


Does texting affect are spelling or academics?


Can sports be a part of academics?

Yes it can.

What is the name for retired academics?


Can academics be as a noun meaning schools?

No, the plural noun 'academics' is a word for people who teach or do research at a college or university; a word for people.

What academics are popular with Conn College?

Connecticut College has a strong and varied academics program, and encourages their students to have the freedom to plan their own education. The academics that are usually popular are the natural science courses, which makes it hard sometimes to get your desired course.

Do school uniforms affect academics?

School Uniforms don't affect academics because it is what the students want to decide- yes, i want to learn or no.

What rhymes with epidemics?

Academics Systemix Polemics

What is the Latin word that means academics?


What does the s in academics mean?

It means Satisfactory.

Did athletics become part of academics?


What do you have to do to get the academics in Monster High?

i don't know i herd September 7 but i went on today September 7 but academics and the Athletics were still locked so i do not know.

What kind of services does the website Academics offer?

The website which is entitled Academics is actually an educational game playing website for children. It is where children can play games and learn from them.

Which do you think is much better to excell in academics or to excell in sports?

Personally, I believe that excelling in academics is of more important. Only through academics added on with extra-curricular activity can one best improve one's chances of entering a top-tier college/university. Of course, maintaining one's shape and staying healthy is of great importance too, but excelling in academics is priority for younger people.

Who goes to the Arizona Conservatory for the arts and academics in phoenix?

I do