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Q: What is accepted or allowed to enter?
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Are religious symbols allowed in Romania?

Yes, they are accepted.

Who where allowed to enter the the ziggurat?

The priest

What key on the keyboard must be pressed for the information to be accepted?


Were the women allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics?

No, women were not allowed to enter the olympics.

Who was allowed to enter the Temple of Solomon?


Is it correct to use to after enter?

no. "to enter after" would make sense. ex: "You are only allowed to enter after your tickets are stamped at the booth."

Who were not allowed to enter the ancient olympic games?


Are women allowed to enter an Iditarod race?


Is used shoes allowed to enter Egypt?


How can you enter the room you are not allowed to enter in the Pokemon mansion on Pokemon platnium version?

Women are rarely allowed to enter mosques where?

Women Are Aloud To Enter Mosques But They Must Be Away From The Men!

Are woman allowed to enter the Sikh temple?

Yes, anyone can enter a Gurdwara (the name for a Sikh temple).