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Q: What is accredited with A grade by NAAC?
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Is vit aicte approved?

Yes. Its approved by AICTE and is internationally accredited. NAAC gave is an A grade and so did NBA.

Is vinayakamission university recognised by ugc?

Yes it is recognised by UGC but not yet accredited by NAAC.

Does malla reddy engineering college is in top 30 colleges in hyderabad?

Yes. It is. Malla Reddy Engineering College has got accredited by NBA and NAAC with A grade. It has got TEQIP funding also. It has obtained AUTONOMOUS status before two years. These qualities proves that its a good college.

When was the NAAC founded?

naac was founded in 1994 by u.g.c.

What is the molarity of a sodium acetate solution with a pH of 9.05?

Concentration sodium acetate (C(NaAc)) solution with pH = 9.05 will have to be 0.21 mol/L NaAc, while pK(NaAc) = 9.23Calculate with these formula: [OH-] = SQRT[K(NaAc) * C(NaAc)] soC(NaAc) = [OH-]2 / K(NaAc) = 0.21 mol/L NaAcin which [OH-] = 10(-14 + 9.05) = 10-4.95 = 1.12*10-5and K(NaAc) = 10-9.23 = 5.89*10-10

Is Bitspillani has AICTE approval for MS program as correspondence course?

From what I can tell, the school is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Counsel NAAC. For detailed information go Viper1

Is mindtrek edutech Pvt Ltd affiliated with ugc?

Mindtrek Edutech Pvt Ltd claims to not only be affiliated with UGC, it claims to be accredited by NAAC. Mindtrek offers distance learning through a number of educational institutions.

What is NaAc compound?

Sodium Acetate

Who has signed an MOU for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions in India?

NCTE signed MOU with NAAC for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions in India.

What is the Rank of symbosis university?

itz graded "A" by NAAC

What is the full form of NAAC?

National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Is prist university of tamilnadu recognized by ugc and naac?