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"Acceleration velocity" is a meaningless phrase.

"Velocity" is the time rate of change of position.

"Acceleration" is the time rate of change of velocity.

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Q: What is aceleration velocity?
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Can a body have acceleration without velocity explain?

Yes, a body can have aceleration without velocity. Consider sin x the position; cos x is the velocity and -sin x is the acceleration. Here the acceleration negative when x=90 degrees and the velocity is zero at 90 degrees.

Objects moving at a constant speed in a straight are said to be in?

Objects moving at constant speed in a straight line are said to be in equilibrium. That is there is no force acting on them. If a force was acting there would be aceleration and the velocity would change.

What is the formula for aceleration?

There are, of course, several formulae that involve acceleration. The basic definition of acceleration is: acceleration = delta velocity / delta time, that is, to get average acceleration, divide the difference of velocity by the time that passed. The same formula also gives you the instant acceleration, if the acceleration is constant. If you want to get instantaneous acceleration, and the acceleration changes, then you need calculus: acceleration = dv / dt (that is, take the derivative of the velocity).

What is mass times aceleration?


What is the definition of aceleration?

To be moving progressively faster.

Aceleration is a vector quantify?

Yes, that's correcf

What does accelerator mean?

Aceleration means to go faster or slower or change directons

What can cause slow aceleration in a 96 accord?

very bad fuel filter

Acceleration can be found by computing the slope of a vs time graph?

velocitymy answer isIt may be both speed/velocity.We can find acceleration from speed vs time graph when the path followed by the body is a perfect straight line and when the speed of body goes on incresing and in all othercases velocity time graph is used to measure aceleration.

Can a cracked air filter box cause loss power loss aceleration?

Basic answer,,,no.

How does frictional force affect acceleration?

Frictional force reduces aceleration, a= (F-friction)/m

What is the equation for finding the aceleration of an object moving in a straight line?

Change in speed divided by time.

What can you buy for a car that will increase its speed and aceleration by a lot street leagul please no stupid answers?

A turbo charger

White smoke out tailpipe and no acceleration?

Water in engine. Head gasket most likely. no aceleration because no compression.

What is the Top speed of a polaris sportsman 500 efi?

around 75mph? or so.. very fast aceleration with a custom air fillter

How is the relationship to mass and force expressed mathematically?

accelleration=force divided by mass force=mass times aceleration

How does velocity relate to velocity?

velocity = velocity

What is the Difference between muzzle velocity and recoil velocity?

muzzle velocity is the velocity of bullet and recoil velocity is the velocity of gun.

30mph west is an example of?

It is an example of a velocity.

What is the aceleration of a softball if it has a mass of 5kg and hits the catcher's glove with a force of 25 newtons?

acceleration = force / mass, so the softball has an acceleration of 5 m/s2

How is gravity and aceleration important to physics?

Gravity and acceleration is important to keep mass aggregates together in the Universe. Gravity structures mass aggregates into solar systems and galaxies.

Why is traveling in a circle at a constant speed called aceleration?

The definition of acceleration is:Change of velocity, that is, change of speed or direction or both.In popular, every-day usage, 'acceleration' has come to mean 'speeding up', but as youcan see from the definition, that's not accurate.Acceleration can also mean a change in the direction of motion, without any changeof speed.

The highest velocity reached by a falling object is its what velocity?

final velocity, or terminal velocity.

What is the effect of velocity of sound in velocity?

Speed of sound has no effect on the particle velocity. Call velocity of sound better speed of sound. Call sound velocity better particle velocity. Velocity of sound is not sound velocity.

What is the bugatti aceleration?

All depending on what year and model, they range from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds to a 4.3 second run. The one everyone talks about is the 1001 bhp Veyron.