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The size in childs is 2 smaller than adults. ex: 7-adults 5-kids/youth

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Q: What is adult size 7 shoe in youth shoe size?
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Is a youth size 7 shoe the same as a mens size 7 shoe?

Yes they are This is because shoe sizes increase in size from youth through to adult - There are no equivalents in adult and youth

What is youth size 7 shoe in adult shoe size?

The size in childs is 2 smaller than adults. ex: 7-adults 5-kids/youth

What man's size shoe is equal to a youth size 7?

The size 7 you refer to must be adult as there are no records of a male, child shoe size 7 in the international charts

A women's size 7 shoe is equivalent to what youth size?

A women's size 7 shoe is equal to a 5.5 in youth size.

What youth size shoe is equivalent to a women's size 9 shoe?


What is the equivalent youth size of a man's shoe size 6.5?

the smallest man's size shoe is 7, so 6.5 is techinically youth.

A youth shoe size 5 is equal to what size in a womans shoe?

yes Youth 5 = Women's 7 = Men's 6

What is a shoe size 7 in women's equal to in girls?

A youth's size 5 is the same as women's size 7

Is a women's size 7 shoe equivalent to a youth size 5?

a woman's size 7 is equivalent to a size 5.5 .

What is youth shoe size 7 in adult size?

There are NO comparisons . This is because shoes sizes progressive get larger. The some countries start at size 1 to 5 which are small and are considered child size then from that size up they class these as adults - you will not normally find a 7 child = an adult 4 for example

A youth size 7 shoe is equivalent to what size in women's?

eat the booty like groceries

What is a womens shoe size 9 in kids?

a womens 9 is a child's youth size 7!