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Affinity Orientation is the object of attraction for personal and intimate relationships.

sexual orientation is protected under a federal law known as title Vll

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When was Affinity - Affinity album - created?

Affinity - Affinity album - was created in 1970.

where can we get affinity at serangoon ?

we can get affinity at serangoon garden-residences-sg

What is 'affinity' in Romanian?

The equivalent of affinity in the Romanian language is afinitate.

What is the symbol or character for 'affinity'?

The symbol for affinity is an eight on its side like this ∞

What is affinity?

Affinity is close relationship.

What does affinity mean?

SENTENCE: That couple has an affinity for dancing.

What element has no electron affinity?

Helium has no electron affinity.

Use affinity in a sentence?

He has an affinity for diet Cokes.

What is the highest electron affinity?

chlorine has the highest electron affinity

A sentence using the word affinity?

Candace has an affinity for chocolate.

Having an affinity for water?

Hydrophobic means to have an affinity for water.

What is the population of Certain Affinity?

The population of Certain Affinity is 60.

Can you find agonist affinity from EC50?

no agonist affinity can be found from IC50 values where as antagonist affinity can be determined using EC50

Define electron affinity of an atom?

Electron affinity is the amount of energy released when a neutral atom accepts an electron. Halogens have the highest electron affinity with chlorine having max. electron affinity.

How does the electron affinity of nonmetals compare to that of metals?

Nonmetals have high electron affinity, in general, while metals have low electron affinity.

Who makes affinity TV?

Affinity is the name of the company that makes the Affinity TV. The televisions can be purchased from Meijer, Target and Best Buy.

USe the word affinity in a sentence?

Language have an affinity with each other.

How do you use affinity in a sentence?

Little boys have an affinity to toy guns.

Can you write a sentence using the word affinity?

I have an affinity for scented roses.

What is the duration of Affinity film?

The duration of Affinity - film - is 2 hours.

Why would flurine have the highest electron affinity?

Fluorine does not have the highest electron affinity it has highest electronegativity the highest electron affinity is for chlorine atom.

What is the correct grammar when using affinity affinity to or affinity for?

Heigh ho. A generation ago, both were wrong, because back then the word was not a synonym for a tendency to something or a talent for it. Affinity meant natural personal attraction or relation by marriage, and so its preposition was usually "with" or "between."We now may have an affinity for something we do well or like, and an affinity with something that is like us.

How did Naruto find out his element?

Kakashi gives him a special paper to tell his Elemental Affinity from a special type of tree (that is grown and fed from chakra. What the paper does when it reacts to chakra, telling the user his/her elemental affinity is as follows:Fire Affinity: The paper turns into ash.Wind Affinity: The paper splits in two.Lightning Affinity: The paper will crumpleEarth Affinity: The paper turns into dirt.Water Affinity: The paper will become wet.After using the paper, Naruto found out that he has a rare affinity to the Wind Nature.

What was minato namikaze's elemental affinity?

minato's elemental affinity was also wind.

Which has higher electron affinity Iodine or bromine?

Bromine has a higher electron affinity.

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