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MBA or equivalent from approved institution with 15 years of academic/industry relevant experience.

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Q: What is aicte norms for MBA department directors qualification?
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What is qualification for lab assistant in Engineering Colleges as per aicte norms?

what is the qualification for a lab assistant in mechanical engineering collage

What qualification is required for the post of Lab Assistant in aicte approved college as per aicte norms?

workshop instructor pay scale

What is the minimum qualification of maths lecturer in engineering college as per AICTE norms?

It must be a first class in M.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

What is the aicte norms to join in engg college as a lecturer in cse?

As per AICTE norms, a lectuter must be gate qualified

Aicte norms for joining as associated professor in MBA colleges?

To join in an engineering college as assistant professor, you have to posses M.E or M.Tech degree and you should have 5 years of teaching experience in an engineering college or research experience or industrial experience OR and Ph.D degree in the relevant field of Engineering.

What is serial no by AICTE of suresh gyan vihar university jaipur?

As per AICTE NORMS University does not requires approval of AICTE.

What is the starting salary for me lecturers as per aicte norms in private enggcolleges?


How much will be the salary of lecturer in aicte norms in dec 2008?

15600 - 39100

What is the qualification for MBA faculty as per aicte norms?

The question seem to remain unanswered for quite some time. Even concerned authorities not bothered to clarify the gullible lot in this behalf. So the natural corollary is - require no specific qualification fixed so far. Any Tom, Dick & Harry can be a faculty for MBA.

What are the Aicte norms for joining as an associate professor in engineering colleges?

phd with 5 year experience

Mtech with mca is eligible as a mca faculty or not?

Anybody need faculty eligibility criteria norms for AICTE / UGC / RTI. Request the following mail :

What is the qualification for assistant librarian according to aicte norms?

MLISc with 5 year experience in authorised library as librarian