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Q: What is aluminom foil element or compound?
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Is aluminum foil a mixture or compound?

it is an element

Is a aluminum foil an element or a compound?

it's an element

Is aluminum foil a compound an element or mixture?

it's an element

Is a aluminum foil a compound mixture or element?

an element. its made entirely out of aluminum

Is a aluminum foil a compound or elements?

Aluminum is element. Aluminum foil is made entirely of aluminum.

Is aluminum foil compound?

No, it's a metallic element, Al.

Is tin foil a element mixture or compound?

Tin foil usually refers to aluminum foil, which is considered a compound. It is considered a compound because even though it contains at least 80% aluminum, it usually has other components mixed in with it for durability and appearance.

Is aluminium foil an element compound or mixture?

It is an element, and can be found on the Periodic Table as Al.

Is aluminum a compound element or a mixture?

It is an element but also can be a mixture because it has silicon and copper in it to make aluminum foil. Some of these people cant give the right answers!! ;P

Is aluminum foil an element?

Aluminum foil is made of Aluminum, which is an element. So yes Aluminum foil is a element

Is aluminum foil a compound?

Aluminum metal (symbol Al) is an element and therefore a pure substance. That said, if something is made out of aluminum (like aluminum foil) it is rarely pure aluminum and is typically an alloy composed of mostly aluminum with other metals. Alloys are used to improve the properties of the pure substance in various ways depending on the desired use. So, no, aluminum is not a compound.

Why is aluminium foil an element?

because aluminum foil is really metal and metal is an element.