What is amaxophobia?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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Amaxophobia is the fear of riding in a car.

And driving...

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Q: What is amaxophobia?
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What does the word 'amaxophobia' mean?

Amaxophobia - fear of riding in vehicles

What is a phobia of tractors?

Amaxophobia - the fear of vehicles

How do you pronounce Amaxophobia?


What phobia is the fear of being a passenger in a truck?

Ochophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of being in a moving automobile or vehicle

Fear of automobile is called?

Motorphobia.Incorrect. The fear of automobiles is called amaxophobia.

How can you find out how not to be nervous in a car?

The scientific name for fear of riding in a car is Amaxophobia. Some scientifically proven treatments for Amaxophobia are Hypnoanalysis (also known as Hypnotherapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology.

How people have amaxophobia?

People have amaxophobia basically because they have a fear of being a passenger in any form of transportation. People may get the fear from a bad experience they have had in a car, airplane, etc..They may also have amaxophobia because of "hear say" they hear people talking about all the accidents and bad experiences in cars that they have developed a fear from the thought of what COULD happen.

What is the correct term for fear of cars?

Amaxophobia? it's fear of riding or being in a car.

Do amaxophobia occur in children?

i believe it can. I was terrified to ride in cars for a number of years as a child.

Is there such thing as a phobia of riding cars?

Yes, the phobia of being in a car is real.It is called amaxophobia.

What is Audi-phobia?

although there is no audi-specific phobia, there is a phobia called Amaxophobia and it is the fear of riding in a car.

Fear of riding in a car?

Cryophobia is the fear of ice, frost, or extreme cold. It can be triggered by car accidents on icy roads.