What is ammonias state of matter?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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ammonias state of matter is a liquid.

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Q: What is ammonias state of matter?
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What is ammonias chemical symbol?

Ammonia is NH3, Ammonium is NH4

Fifth state of matter?

1st state of matter- solid 2nd state of matter- liquid 3rd state of matter- gas 4th state of matter- plasma 5th state of matter- Bose Einstein condensate 6th state of matter - fermionic condensate 7th state of matter- thought to be Fermionic condensate

Why does ammonias pH help make it useful?

A Armenia's PH helps to know if something is a acid or an alkali

What state of matter is ammonium?

ammonium is in the state of matter

Does the state of matter effect the amount of matter?

No, The state of matter only affects its' concentration. No matter what state matter is in, it will always have the same mass (assuming it doesn't drip or float away). However, the state of matter can affect the area or volume of matter.

Coppers state of matter?

coppers state of matter is solid.

What Is The Latest State Of Matter?

plasma is the 4th state of matter....

What is the state of matter with the least disorder?

This state of matter is the solid.

What state of matter is the element strontium in?

It is in a solid state of matter.

Name the fourth and fifth states of matter?

wave state and dark matter state

Is iron a state of matter?

No. It is an element. It is in a state of matter, specifically "Solid".

What is state of matter room tempter?

what is state of matter room tempter