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It is recharging the Freon in the AC unit and depending on who does it, it runs between 150.00 and 250.00 It fills the colant in the system and you should be able to get the stuff at AutoZone for 20-30 bucks! The staff will even tell you which can and how to do it!!! :) I recommend the second answer, if you are even slightly literate you can recharge the AC system. The autozone staff will give you a can about as big as a shaving cream can that is the actual Freon. You will also need to purchase a hose to go with it, which the salesman should pointout. The hose is nothing complicated. Like a gardenhose but shorter, and has a PSI gague on it.

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How much refrigerant is needed to recharge AC on a 2001 Pontiac Montana?

How much refrigerant is needed recharge ac on a 2001 Pontiac montana

How much is cost to recharge air conditioning on 1994 Ford Taurus?

A proper Ac shop should do it around $70-80

How do you recharge the ac on a 1999 passport?

you can go to Canadian tire and buy a recharge kit for the a/c it is really easy to do and i think they cost about 35 bucks

How does it cost to put freon in your ac?

A recharge is usually around 30.00. You should wonder about where it went.

How do you recharge ac system for 1998 dodge stratus?

How do i Recharge AC Unit for a 1998 Dodge Stratus

How much does freeon for your car cost?

The Freon to recharge your automobiles air conditioning system will cost less than $10. The cost to have a professional recharge your system will be around $50. A do-it-yourself recharge kit will cost approximately $15.

How do you recharge the AC on a 1998 Safari?

Take it to a garage that services ac. If it needs a recharge it must have a leak in the system.

How much will the Segway cost to recharge each day?


Can you get the AC Pro car ac recharge kit in Canada?


How do you recharge the air conditioning on a Honda Ridgeline?

Recharge ac on 06 honda ridgeline

How often do you recharge ac with freon?

You should not have to recharge your system unless you have a leak. Other wise you do not need to recharge your system.

Approximately how much will the Segway cost to recharge each day?


How much refrigerant to recharge civic ex?

How much refrigerant used to recharge the AC system in a Honda Civic depends on how much the system needs. There will be a gauge on the refill bottle which is tell the user how much is needed in that one application.

Recharge ac in legend?

the motor mounts

How do you recharge your a Lincoln ac?

turn the car on

Where is the ac recharge valve on 89 Toyota pickup?

On the top of the ac compressor.

Where is the recharge port on 93 Ford?

where is the ac recharge port on a 93 ford explorer located?

How do i recharge the ac in my 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?

Freon administered into your ac unit!

Why does Ac on 99 F250 does not blow cold unless over 2000rpms?

recharge ac

How to recharge ac on 1994 Buick Century?

You should not attempt to recharge the ac system unless you are qualified to do so. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. Take it to a dealer or repair shop and have them test the system, as there may be a leak. If that's the case, recharging it would only cost you money.

Mazda millenia air conditioning recharge?

Where is the AC recharge port on a 99 Mazda millennia supercharged

Can you recharge your own ac after replacing evaporator?


Where is the AC recharge valve located on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

The ac recharge port is the low side port. It is on the hoses on the passenger side of the engine close to the belts.

Where is the ac recharge port on a 2004 gmc envoy?

The AC recharge port on a 2004 GMC envoy is on the low pressure connection. It is the larger of two hoses near the firewall.

How do you recharge AC in 2004 Chevrolet trailblazer?

Where is the lower line in a 2004 trailblazer for the ac to recarge it