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What is an AC recharge and how much does it cost?

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2008-07-11 18:36:57

It is recharging the Freon in the AC unit and depending on who

does it, it runs between 150.00 and 250.00 It fills the colant in

the system and you should be able to get the stuff at AutoZone for

20-30 bucks! The staff will even tell you which can and how to do

it!!! :) I recommend the second answer, if you are even slightly

literate you can recharge the AC system. The autozone staff will

give you a can about as big as a shaving cream can that is the

actual Freon. You will also need to purchase a hose to go with it,

which the salesman should pointout. The hose is nothing

complicated. Like a gardenhose but shorter, and has a PSI gague on


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