What is an APA citation?

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Many schools require that you have your papers in something called APA format. A citation is simply quoting or paraphrasing what others have written. Therefore having an APA citation just means you are quoting what someone else has written and doing it in a specific format. To have include citations in the correct APA format, see the related links.

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Q: What is an APA citation?
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Where can a APA citation machine be purchased?

APA citation machines can be used for free. THe Firefox Add-on Zotero can be used as a APA citation machine. It also can collect and organize one's research.

What is a notation for multiple authors in a citation for APA?

et al. is the notation for multiple authors in a citation for APA.

What type of union is apa?

APA is a citation style's union. Founded by American Psychological Association, APA is a citation style which is most commonly used to cite sources for papers within the social sciences.

What is the difference between Harvard citation and APA citation?

Harvard citation presents a reference as such "...Gibbon (1998:63) refers to...", whilst APA presents the reference as "...Gibbon (1998, p.63) refers to...".

Which citation should you use for Science APA or MLA?

APA is the usual citation method for scientific research. MLA is typically used in subjects such as English or Composition.

What type of citation do you use for a policy paper?


How do you use APA format in word?

When you insert a citation.

Do you have to list a reference if you do not have a citation in the body of the paper?

Not in APA style references. If there is no citation, no reference is needed.

5 What abbreviations are used before page if listed in an in-text citation for apa format?

From the APA Journal it states that you need to include pp. for pages in-text citation.

What does APA Citation format refer to?

The APA Citation format is a set of rules for using citations in research papers. It covers several different styles for different types of citations.

How do you use apa format in microsoft word?

When you insert a citation.

What is the appearance of the journal name in citation?

in APA standards what is the appearance of a journal name in a citation and reference list

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